Here are links to some of our Friends and Peers web pages.

Land Trust Alliance


City of Edmond


Green Print Report


Land Legacy
Land Legacy is a nonprofit land conservation organization established in January 2003 and located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our mission is to conserve and enhance rural and urban landscapes, thereby improving the quality of life. Our work includes urban parks and trails, farm and ranch preservation, and water quality protection.


Edmond Chamber of Commerce
The Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce is involved in a wide variety of programs and projects designed to serve our members, create partnerships within the Edmond community and enhance the Quality of life in Edmond.


City of Edmond
Community Development Services assist our community through developing and implementing plans for urban design and reviewing residential and commercial developments in the context of those long-term plans for our city.


Lots of good resources and a model of big city stewardship.


Land Trust Alliance
The Land Trust Alliance unites and champions organizations in local communities working to save natural areas.


Texas Land Trust
The Texas Land Trust Council (TLTC) was formed in 1999 in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to serve as a support association for all land trust organizations in Texas. Today the Council is an independent organization which continues its work to promote and sustain the conservation efforts of Texas land trusts.


Oklahoma Forestry Service
To conserve, enhance and protect the forests and natural resources of Oklahoma for present and future generations.


Oklahoma Sustainability Network
The Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN) serves to connect and educate the people of Oklahoma concerning the many aspects of sustainability. OSN is a catalyst and a resource for the improvement of Oklahoma's economy, ecology, and equity.


Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy works to protect lands and waters. They work internationally as well as locally and they lands in the state of Oklahoma.


Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
The Kerr Center is an educational foundation established in Oklahoma in 1967. Its focus is on the development of sustainable food and farming systems.


Forestry and Conservation for Kids
Forestry and Conservation for Kids has lots of good information for kids on resource conservation, soil/water, plants & animals, and careers in conservation.


Homeowner's Guide to Sustainability
Because one's home is a large part of their life, it's crucial that it's set up in a way that encourages sustainability. Accomplishing and maintaining this type of environment involves both knowing what steps to take and how to put them into practice.


Arbor Day Information
Arbor Day is a day to gather and celebrate trees and all that they do for us. It is a day to show gratitude by caring for current trees, planting new ones, and simply getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and beauty that they provide.